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April 4, 2006

The weekend=)

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OK Let me first blog about my last weekend, before it becomes history again!

Friday, we celebrated Vera’s birthday=) This was a bunch of ard 10+ people. I had dinner with daffy first before heading over.

Vera’s looking radiant=)

Something went really wrong, when we were approached by the sweesens’ staff every… 5 mins or 2 mins, requesting to clear our plates. Aka food court style!

It was irritating at first. and it turned into hilariously irritating when he came to interrupt the candles blowing ceremony where he MUST MUST clear that ice cream spoons on our table. heh. haha. I was like taking pictures, and he was continuously appearing in of my camera, blocking my view of the birthday lady completely! HUH.

After that, we headed over to Party World! I must say, Party world has a wider range of songs. =)

I thought that Vera did a very nice blog post about that crazy night. =)

But anyway, here are some pictures. there arent many, because it wasnt before long that we were all standing on the sofa dancing, hopping around, screaming, shouting, RAPPING! haha.=P

And the golden question is. Did I start it? hahahaaaa… that is not for me to answer no? hahaaa=P

We started mellow.

At a point of time, we were practically acting out the scenarios and all the lyrics of the songs. ha. this particular song donny n jl were singing is Wu Jian Dao.

so JL is liang chao wei i think? and Donny is Andy Lau. ha.

Andrew cant speak/read/understand Chinese, and so he fell asleep for awhile.

But when we got high…. This is what happens.. (even if the songs are in chinese haha)

No one is sitting!

We can see Alex at the background singing his lungs out! He can sing well I think. But I cant say the same for my duet partner. HAHAHHAHAA… oops. no lar. JL sings like JJ in fact.

And donny sings like William su and Andy lau and Jacky. HAHA.

So it was a star studded night. and we went back relunctantly at 4++am. Energetic.=P

Yes! I am looking forward to the next round!=)

Woke up early the next day to go facial with mummy. woah. slept for like.. 4 hours.

And after which, we sat down for some indian rojak, sharing the table with 3 uncles.

Delicious food!

It wasnt before long that we became friends with those uncles=)

HA, and the kind uncles happily offered me a piece of their chestnut cake. So nice right?!?!

The Teochew uncle actually thought that I am only 15-16 at most. listen. AT MOST?

Wahh.. as years pass by, I actually got younger and younger huh.

grrr.. I mean.

21 yrs old is a good age. but 15 is not lor! I do not want to get my IC checked when I am watching an NC-16 =(



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