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April 2, 2006

Found a good hairstylist?

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Do not introduce it to your boyfriend.
A post for the ladies.

Ok ladies, please keep in mind that this is coming from a cynic.

As u all know, I went for my haircut today.

when I reached there and settled down, dear mac (my stylist) informed me that my ex called and asked if he could drop by for a quick trim, as he has some function to attend in the night. apparently, my ex is also in the orchard area.

my reflex reaction was : ‘does that mean that I am supposed to siam(avoid) him now now’ I was almost preparing to leave.

Mac being as motherly as he is, smiled reassuringly and said:’aiya, of course I rejected him lar’ and assured me that he did not tell my ex the real reason why.

Ah. So sweet and understanding is mac. I was reminded of how lovey dovey I was, with this ex. How I pressurised him to update his look and improve his grooming. So much so that I convinced him that a slightly more expensive haircut is worth the price! U know men with their sri nada/qb house haircuts?!?


Something in me prompted me to ask if the new gf cuts her hair with mac. Apparently yes she does. So the secret of having good hair is happily passed from me to the new gf of my ex. Hmm.

Trying to sound as normal as possible, I asked casually: ‘so, is she pretty?’

mac was politically correct I think. He just smiled and did not answer. For he is the one who watched us grow up, from giggly school girls of 14 yrs old to now. Still giggly. But years have passed and we all grew up. In our own ways.

After which mac just frowned and said: ‘she’s ok lar. Just ok lor’. *smiles*

actually I do not know the point of me asking that question, for its me who chose to let go and break his heart ruthlessly. Sometimes. .. I wonder.. And I am someone who wonders a lot. And I wonder how he is.

And I know, from the bottom of my heart, I wish him all happiness. And perhaps, one day, he might find it in his heart to forgive me. ..

For he is truly, one great amazing guy.

Anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that he kept up with going to mac ong even after we broke up for… 2 years now.

Mac did not charge me for the hair cut! Again, how sweet. He rejected a money making opportunity(my ex) and cut my fringe for free?!? I mean, I haven’t been giving him business, especially not when I was in paris! I dun think i can even be considered as a regular.. *smiles*

Friends/hairstylists like this, how to find??? Mac did not even allow me to colour or perm my hair for my own good!

ok. Enough of all these. He is one of the blessings that I have. And I thank the one above for giving him to me:)

oh yah. I forgot the point of my post. my point is : DO NOT INTRODUCE YOUR BF TO YOUR HAIRSTYLIST! You’ll never know when you will be breaking up. Surely you wouldn’t want to risk bumping into an ex at the hairdressers’, no? Haha.

That is if you are loyal to just one hairstylist.

PS: this post is a joke ok?


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