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April 28, 2006

Now seriously

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Seriously, do I look as if I might remotely fall for someone like your boyfriend/fiance?

Please give me a plastic bag, cause I so feel like vomitting.

As much as I am soooooo enjoying the ‘its-a-small-world’ effect in Singapore! well I guess the older you grow the more people you will know, right?

So, yesterday Meiyi smsed and said: HEY peihan I thought I saw you! are u at XXXXXX.

AND YES! its me! ha.=)

Really havent seen Meiyi in a long long while! hmm. time to catch up with her!

This morning, I saw Eric. =) and we exchanged numbers. He just happened to be in Orchard for a conference.

And this reminded me of an incident some time back.

You know, I met this guy with his fiancee. and I was thinking, since he works in Orchard, perhaps he could join in my group of lunch khakis.

and so, excitedly (cause I am happy with the its-a-small-world thingy) I left him my number and said perhaps we could have lunch someday. AND this stupid guy looked at his fiancee. and she gave a DISAPPROVING look. and he looked back and said, oh my office is shifting in a few months’ time.

I was like thinking. so what?

ARGH. and he was supposed to sms me so that I can have his number. which he DID NOT.

FIRSTLY. Its not that I super GIAN to eat lunch/have any contact with him. I like to eat with a variety of people. thats all. I am perhaps someone who might die if my social circle is less than 100 or so.

IF I were so GIAN to eat with him. we are in the same university for FOUR years. how come I havent eaten with him before?!?!??!(pass me another plastic bag PLEASE NOW!)

Oh god. I don’t think we even spoke more than twice before!

And at this moment. It might not seem to be too guo4fen4 by revealing that I DO NOT EVEN KNOW HIS NAME. not that I forgot his name. I never once knew. and of course *flips hair* he addressed me by my name. And he even asked if I am with this guy from sce. oh man, I have to stop being so gossip-worthy!

Sorry people to make you all read my anger. I am really feeling very indignant. LIKE WHAT THE HECK!???!?!??!

Please lar. I have better choices out there.

Please gals, PLEASE. believe me. I am not a wee bit interested in your bfs/fiances.


PS: I just can’t stand those stupid women who think the world of their guy. I suppose. Its good for the relationship. But. well. Still feeling freaking angry and insulted. I have taste one ok? =P HAHAHA. (though some readers might not agree. HAHHA) Come on, deal with your insecurities first.

*note. this is not a serious post. just rambling and letting out some grumbles for the morning*

on a different note:

Peihan loves lunch again! ha

Yesterday my lunch was a fabulous spread of ramen and side dishes.

Noel dearest was in town!


I call it graffitti!

But to be specific. what my friend said about noel is: he will get laid like a rockstar.

so yup.

Noel was wondering how my brains works, cause as I was eating, I was telling King Kong jokes, and coming up with my own continuously. ha!


April 27, 2006

Mango Spring/Summer 2006

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Here are the pictures from yesterday=)

Oh well. i Did not take a lot of them, cause some people that I went with threatened to disown me if I were to take pictures ='( HAHHAAA.

we are supposed to be glam fashion industry people bah. or rather, really nobody else are taking pictures, except for those photographers with their bulky SLR cameras. SO. yes. I am prohibited, socially. HAHHA.

*cough* joke.

I enjoyed being served food on platters. and drinks too. ha. *lazy person here!*

As the models walked down with those beautiful clothings. I couldnt help, but already made up an imaginary shopping list in my mind! OMG. I just love their white and flirty range. and also the polka dotted ones!!!! the obi belts! ARGH!

At the end of the event, I walked away with:
1. a shopping list in my mind =(
2. a goodie bag, which includes the catalogue (to remind you how pretty their clothes are), and also an ugly mng pouch etc..
3. oh, and the experience of getting into MOS queueless=)
4. an big collection of King Kong jokes, which is out of the point, I know! hahaa. nevermind=P

Am busy recently. stressed too. and I am not sure if it is due to work or due to my exams that are coming. or is it the sheer amount of things to do? or that I am afraid that I might not be able to get a driving test date on time….*stressed!!*

April 25, 2006

Mr Singapore

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I am not someone who gets excited by Mr Singapore *cough* cause cleo’s most eligible bachelors are wayyy betta *cough*


Click here to vote for Mr Serangoon!

I promise he is MUCH MUCH more droolicious real-life.

and if you want. drool at the other men (i won’t recommend that)

ooh. i hope that dennis wins, so do me a favour and vote k?=)


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Yup. Busy as a busy bird.

My tasks list expanded to a 2 pages long thingy. Sissy commented that I am doing a million things at a time. Well, cause I am greedy mar. =P

Anyway. will sit down and prioritise again. Yup.

2 bimbotic things I am excited about now is! Sissy is going to Victoria secrets’ factory outlet this weekend. So! I gotta find time to select the pieces I want (YES, even if it means less sleep!)


Which is tomorrow @ MOS. yay! will take pictures for u all to drool.

PS: Help. I need some time to breathe.. schedule’s too packed that I cant breathe .. I shudder when I look at my next month’s schedule.. and even more when I think of my June’s timetable..

Kisses everyone. and back to work it is!=) Jiayou!

April 24, 2006

Chip n Dale.

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Really adorable, they are. But I never believed in playing those stupid UFO catchers arcade machines. erhmmm.. let me change my statement alittle. I just remembered I did play it, or rather someone played it to get a certain adorable stuff toy for me.. heh.

BUT that is different mar. because, I was (1)young, (2)silly, (3)spoilt, (4)the person playing it is an ultimate expert in most arcade games.

I was looking at this young couple playing this stupid game. and smiled to myself.


The weekend was burnt learning studying skills, and YES people. I am finally an offical coach for children=) happy.

In fact. The strange thing is.

The one thing I really enjoyed from these 2 days is… the exam! ha. really. I realised how much I missed studying and scoring haha. yeah yeah. me and my ego.

I think that alot of the studying skills are already innate skills of some people around me. especially those scary freaks from my secondary schools. That is why we tend to be able to learn faster, and be more academically inclined than others.

anyway. I look forward to the kids’ camp!=)


the international film fest is here. anyone catching any shows?

Looking at my schedule. I doubt I will be able to..=(

anw. visit:

I would want to catch the one from france, the Love story(singapore/hong kong), …. blah blah blah..

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