The girl who laughed too much, too loud

March 31, 2006


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Stepped out of home late n was reprimanded by my mum.

Perhaps she’s right. I don’t know. When there isn’t a real start work time, shouldn’t people be able to come in freely as long as their work is done? Frankly this is what I liked about my company. 🙂

but for her. We have to follow the strict office hours. Duh. Haiz. Ok lar. To make her alittle happier, i’ll wake up 15 mins earlier. 😦

anw. Am going for my hair cut later during lunch. Praying hard!! For some of u who might know. My hair is my only asset!! And I have been depressed about my hair since my trip to shanghai. Haiz.

My fault really. I should have seen it coming, especially when my hairstylist (female) has ARMPIT HAIR!!!

Really what’s wrong with me. How come I din take notice?

Anw. Today i’m back to mac’s hands. And mac hasn’t failed us before. So I guess I could find some comfort in that. And bangs is all I can think of, since mac refused to colour or perm or shape my hair. Heh.

The appt is at 1230pm, wish me luck!
JL came to look for me yesterday, cos we wanted to choose a card for my friend’s birthday today.

I was deciding between the frog card with the frog badge and the koala card with the koala badge.

JL decided to help out. But he nearly fainted when he saw the cards.

Hahahaaa… Anyway. I think I will get the koala card with the koala badge, cos u see, isn’t it nice to have a badge together with your birthday card?? Its like u can pin it to your pencil case or something. Ha. 🙂


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  1. hmm.. appears that the eventual card was neither frog / koala. hahahha but i love the idea of being able to pin it on me anyways… THANKS ! and i found your blog !

    Comment by Celine — April 3, 2006 @ 10:07 am

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