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March 30, 2006

My bintan trip

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Did not really play at all.

Except if u consider posh dinners play?

EVERY meal is a buffet. AND there are morning breaks and tea breaks too! basically overflooded by food til I couldnt really eat! (which is really rare, cos I enjoy stuffing myself at buffets!!=P)

Onbroad the ferry:

Reaching Bintan

In the hotel room

BBQ seafood dinner by the swimming pool

Pretty desserts!!! U know I am in love with pretty food!! And I have this hobby of making bite sized finger food? =) ha. which I did for Ossie’s depart from Paris to London. I had good ratings for that hor!! which reminds me, I forgot to upload those pictures!

Nothing much. I just happened to be in love with this tap! very pretty!

This ar… er… uh… Sab wanted to take a picture with this incredibly tall and muscular guy, who looks like hulk hogan (did i spell it correctly??) so.. there! (some japanese tourist acutally asked us why are we taking pictures with him, is he a celebrity or what. HAHHA) A clearer picture is in the camera of my friend. He is really very very very damn muscular can?!?!?!

The trip was ok lar. cos I have been to that resort a million times. anw. But did have some good time talking….


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