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March 20, 2006

Crazy dazy

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Ok, now for the crazy things.

Crazy dazy one:
Mission: Image change for Thanch. our dear vietnamese friend.


And suddenly I got pulled into this forbidden place. ==> The gents!

We all took turns to have a hand at the EXTREME makeover.

The end result:

Isnt it great!!=) Eric dearest sponsored his gel.

Crazy dazy two:
Mission: A new face for Pete.

Seriously its the first time I felt any sympathy for this guy. ha.

AND finally:

Crazy dazy three:
Mission: targetting me =( BOO.

As u might have realised. I am looking extremely bad in these coaching pictures! well. with time schedules like 7.30 am to 3 am (please add 40mins to reach the venue and 40mins to get home). well. for a lazy gal like me, I chose to skip my makeup. heh. (and shampooing my hair.. *cough* *oops*)

So u can imagine me dodging the cameras cos I am not going to risk myself looking so unglam!BUT.

I came to terms with it, soon after.


This is my ex-letterbox. vandalised by Jimmy again! and if u are wondering what the red thing is. its my maggi goreng that i was eating.

ARGH! who did it!!!??!


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