The girl who laughed too much, too loud

March 20, 2006

Coach daze 2.

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Coaching is starting soon again!

so I think I’d better finish uploading the pictures from the previous ones.

Here are some of the crazy things that we do:

Wait but first. here are some sane pictures first!!

Me and my lao da, Jolene. An inspirational woman who worked her way up.

Me and pretty lorraine again. This woman got her COT in just 2 months! see, tell u all to be careful of intelligent and beautiful women. haha.

Me and pretty Kloudiia. This woman is a dating expert, and owns a dating agency. =)

This one ar.. this my dearest sister. though he is a male. but he is so super duper naggy can?? =P

This one is JIMMY. hahahaa. He knows of the existence of this picture so I guess its alright to put it up. yes. he has his own interior designing company.

And I am so privileged *once again* that this expert drew my letter box=)

See jimmy hard at work:

wah. so many sane pictures, so i guess i’ll leave the insane ones for my next post!=P


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