The girl who laughed too much, too loud

March 14, 2006


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I have changed the skin of the blog!

Due to some unforseen problems with my ex-skin.


Ain’t we lurving this gorgeous skin??? =P

anyway anyway. Sissy is the first scholar featured in the NTU scholarship’s brochure! ha. so proud of her!!!


Since I am in a good mood for now. I shall upload the many pictures waiting in line to be uploaded=)

Had lunch with corny corny xuhao and derek today. they drove down for lunch!! hair-pee!!! haha. corniness is contagious!!

Xuhao is one of those weird people from sce. with really really strange topics like… for example: where is the best shitting place in NTU (mon ecole)? Usually I am not really into responding to his questions. but my friends like.. jiawen will respond readily like: the toilet at the library one! got classical music somemore!!

see a pattern here??? both hwa chong people. HAHAHAHAA.. oops.

ANW. my favourite shitting place in NTU is the toilet at LT1A. big and spacious and always nice smelling=) hahahaha…

So. now is the time to admire my mummy’s lovely sunflowers. ha=)

Look at how tall the plants can grow!!! Big sunflower plant, with my little mum. (the plant is ard 2.5 times my mum’s height!!)

I don’t know about you people. I myself am very intrigued by the seeds portion….

Pretty and sunny. just like me! MUAHAHA.

oh by the way. I went to the career fair after to do career profiling. yup. which i feel cheated of my time. but whatever. I shall seek to benefit the maximum that I can benefit from it.


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