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March 13, 2006

Vente privee

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Sweet Sabrina offered me bread sushi for tea break snack! 🙂

BUT chenwei, I thought bread sushi are exclusive to us? At least we did learn it directly from Tommy aka Naive…

Anw, it is nice! with pork floss=)

I remember the days where we make sushis are the man of our lives. bitter sweet memories.

I remember faking with cw, acting like we are going for a run, just to deliver the sushis to XXXX.

I remember making those freaking time consuming sushis for XXXX, upon his return from taiwan.

Oh. I feel that I am such a sweet lil gf. =P



Last thursday was a mess. cause there is the isetan’s vente privee!!!!

muahaha. your truly bought a pair of levis’ patty ann. of course as a seasoned shopper, I reserved my stuff in advance, so that I do not need to end up jostling unglamly with the other gals. =)

of course. special thanks to chenwei of course =)

After which, we went for more shopping!

Daffy and Jul

See? I am the only gucci-less gal =(


Daffy said that this picture looks artistic. hhaa. its bei ying, by me! ha.

Another special thanks go to…..

I lost my wallet, and it was found with all the cash and items intact.

I am loving the kind one who is forever looking after me, in his own mysterious ways. no matter how scatter-brained/absent minded I am. Thanks alot alot for recovering my hp and wallets so many times. I truly love u. and I appreciate it.

Oh. I had to go back to isetan to get my wallet from chenwei. (thanks again, chenwei!)AND since I do not have the pass for the private sale with me. What I did was…… I act dao, and rich and nonchalant. HAHA. and voila! I sayshayed into isetan just like that:P. Actually I could see at the corner of my eye that the isetan staff was comtemplating whether to stop me. *sweats* the key is to act confident. haha.

I am so proud of my acting skills.


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