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March 6, 2006

Backdated Updates

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The weekend before the hectic hectic coaching weeks.

I met up with some old friends!

Its for Issac dearest’s birthday. This lucky boy is 2 yrs old. and is blessed with the wonderful and smart woman like Julia. Julia is one woman that I truly respect. Her thoughts, and views, I like!

Which is kinda rare, cos I am an obnoxious person. hahaaa.

See? no one changed. I bet we can still put on our uniform and act as young haha! too bad dananka couldnt make it.

Our very talented class has an indian who speaks as fluent chinese as the chinese (dananka)or even better!, and a malay who speaks chinese too! (herman). hahaha. but of course. Dananka is the authentic one. Hermie just looks malay:P but i remembered Chenwei was pretty much impressed by this ‘malay’ who spoke fluent chinese, hahaha.


Xin fu de nu ren (the sweet,and happy woman)

Julia literally emanate the glow and happy vibes!


Oh Also!!


I bought the bag of my dreams!

Allison burns faithfull bag!!! Look look!! Cameron diaz, i’ve got ur bag. hahaa. cheap thrill! ( i can recognise sissy’s untidy table. hahaa)

Isnt it gorgeous!!!=P

Special thanks to sissy in Washingston who helped me get my paws on this beauty!! Now its living with sissy til she comes home.. or earlier. *hugs sissy*!!!!

isnt it great to have international relatives?/?:P


Met alex and Joanne AND dave the weekend. nice mix.

Jo had fun, and she smsed me that she had a good facial exercise. ha. well. dave is one of a kind. very very witty. he looks fierce though.

Alex is as nice as ever. right? hahahaaa.


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