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March 31, 2006

Me and my bangs

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Some of you might have been harassed by me yesterday night regarding my bangs.


I did it.

(I told Mac specifically NO cutsy fringe please)

Then I realised my new phone’s camera is NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!!! ARGH! have got to look for a handy camera to bring around for now.

Oh thats so depressing 😥

(sometimes its interesting to see how i can whine about insignificant things in life)



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Stepped out of home late n was reprimanded by my mum.

Perhaps she’s right. I don’t know. When there isn’t a real start work time, shouldn’t people be able to come in freely as long as their work is done? Frankly this is what I liked about my company. 🙂

but for her. We have to follow the strict office hours. Duh. Haiz. Ok lar. To make her alittle happier, i’ll wake up 15 mins earlier. 😦

anw. Am going for my hair cut later during lunch. Praying hard!! For some of u who might know. My hair is my only asset!! And I have been depressed about my hair since my trip to shanghai. Haiz.

My fault really. I should have seen it coming, especially when my hairstylist (female) has ARMPIT HAIR!!!

Really what’s wrong with me. How come I din take notice?

Anw. Today i’m back to mac’s hands. And mac hasn’t failed us before. So I guess I could find some comfort in that. And bangs is all I can think of, since mac refused to colour or perm or shape my hair. Heh.

The appt is at 1230pm, wish me luck!
JL came to look for me yesterday, cos we wanted to choose a card for my friend’s birthday today.

I was deciding between the frog card with the frog badge and the koala card with the koala badge.

JL decided to help out. But he nearly fainted when he saw the cards.

Hahahaaa… Anyway. I think I will get the koala card with the koala badge, cos u see, isn’t it nice to have a badge together with your birthday card?? Its like u can pin it to your pencil case or something. Ha. 🙂

March 30, 2006

The Hulk

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(his biceps are the size of my male colleague’s thighs…)

My bintan trip

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Did not really play at all.

Except if u consider posh dinners play?

EVERY meal is a buffet. AND there are morning breaks and tea breaks too! basically overflooded by food til I couldnt really eat! (which is really rare, cos I enjoy stuffing myself at buffets!!=P)

Onbroad the ferry:

Reaching Bintan

In the hotel room

BBQ seafood dinner by the swimming pool

Pretty desserts!!! U know I am in love with pretty food!! And I have this hobby of making bite sized finger food? =) ha. which I did for Ossie’s depart from Paris to London. I had good ratings for that hor!! which reminds me, I forgot to upload those pictures!

Nothing much. I just happened to be in love with this tap! very pretty!

This ar… er… uh… Sab wanted to take a picture with this incredibly tall and muscular guy, who looks like hulk hogan (did i spell it correctly??) so.. there! (some japanese tourist acutally asked us why are we taking pictures with him, is he a celebrity or what. HAHHA) A clearer picture is in the camera of my friend. He is really very very very damn muscular can?!?!?!

The trip was ok lar. cos I have been to that resort a million times. anw. But did have some good time talking….

Its a small small world (n I love it!)

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Aint we glad that I bought this new phone?? Ha.

Yup currently blogging on my new acquisation.:)

its a treo 650. Well, got it cheap, via various means n ways. So voila, here it is!

Actually this is really my first time using such a manly phone. Hence I was badly wondering should I or should I not change my current adorable panasonic v2 (chenwei has the same phone!) to this practical phone.

Finally! After a month of MK daggling the carrot in front of my nose, showing off his treo. I couldn’t resist it, since i’ve found a good deal.:)

heh. The problem is that the only casing that it came with was an even uglier black leather casing!! Good gracious. So my mission now is to find an adorable casing for it, so that my phone wun be so ugly n manly. *cough* this is not meant to insult the taste of other treo 650 users.

just as I reached this paragraph, I bumped into yet another friend of mine. Sigh. Isn’t it a warm feeling to bump into friends all the time? And I only get this in singapore! My home!! And also, my friends in paris mostly live outside central paris. Heh. I just lurve this si4 hai3 jie1 xiong1 di4 ‘s feeling (friends are everywhere)!!!! Ha.

BUT there are disadvantages too! This also means that each time u get out. U’ll have to make sure that u are well-groomed and well-dressed enough to ‘face the world’. Heh. Ok lar. Perhaps its just me who is image conscious. :p

yesterday, I was like wearing my nerd specs, no makeup, a huge red pimple right at the tip of my nose.

can u visualise the disaster that I am???? I shudder.

I saw this friend of mine at the mrt. And I wanted to avoid him, but ALAS he acknowledged me and waved. So, no choice really but to step forward. Heh. Inside me I was like wearing how did he recognise me?!? Argh.

Anw, this lucky guy is going to get married soon. Oh well. And we met his wife, before I set foot towards alliance francais. Hmmm.. Somehow I couldn’t help but wonder. When will I finally get the chance to put on that awfully pretty solitaire diamond ring on my finger?

Oh well.

Back to coincidences. Today saw lancy dearest! Luckily I was well dressed this time round! Ha. And just just I met another friend of mine.

its a small world after all!

really I am so in love with this small small world!!:)


today is a good day:)

I had the chance to go shopping for a very very short while and reserved a dress!

yay! This is my blessing of the day:)

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