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February 28, 2006

some quick updates

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Last week was a blur. other than my french test, n lessons etc.

Thursday to sunday i am doing life coaching on a voluntary basis.

Having only 3-4 hours of sleep for continuously 4 days. yesterday i did sooo badly for driving that my instructor was pissed with me. I fell asleep while stopping at the traffic light! OMG.

got home. and sleep straight after driving.

feeling really energised this morning.

Completed alot of things. and still got more things to complete! GO GO GO Team Peihan united. HAHHAHAA.

This week will be coaching again. Thurs to Sunday again!

wow, i m impressed with myself. AND i have time to meet uncle tay on wednesday.

Having french today. yup. with means I have no free time left. Again.

oh well. I have time to meet my friends during lunch lor.

Also. feeling guilty of neglecting my mummy for last week and this week. SO. I jio-ed her for movie tomorrow. we are both taking leave!!:P

Actually I took leave to attend this Branding talk. oh well. paid for it. But guess I will have to miss it, cos mummy is the most important of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)



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