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February 24, 2006

French test

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Well. i want to clarify a thing.

the french test went well.

But not because I studied alot. I din manage to study as much as I want to, due to my schedule.

I studied, expecting the test to be the same type as the one in paris.

BUT no.

it wasnt. In fact it was freaking easy.

too easy. and i see people struggling away.

well. i dun think i even need to study for the test. but it is good to revise, to refresh.

anw. the teacher wanted to put me into the class with the highest level of french. BUT that class might be cancelled. cos there are only 2 other students in the class. cos not alot of pple here can reach that level. its expected, cos people here do not get to practise.

even in Alliance Francais, students speak english to each other. In paris, students speak paris. even though slow, but still in french. Why? u might ask. cos French is probably the only common language!!!! For that matter. I had a korean, a japanese, etc.. in my class. even a syrian. so. they do not speak english.

so we have not much choices:
1. remain silent and not talk to each other
2. Talk to ourselves/ to the walls in our native language.
3. Speak french to each other.

So. yup. thats why.

I will go for the advanced course on tuesday. and if it is cancelled, i will go for the intermediate one on friday.

Pragmatically speaking. I just want a cert from the ministry of education of france. U see. people here do not trust skills if there is no paper to back it up.


I want to increase my personal worth. ha. commerically speaking lar.


May I add that. the courses here are so cheap as compared to the ones i took in paris!

I cant believe it!

AND AND AND. They gave me a freebie. a welcome gift.

A very ugly Alliance Francais sling bag.

Whats e point, u ask. its so fugly that I will probably not use it.

BUT. well. a free gift is a free gift. And free is good. HAHHAA..

Mummy will like it, I am sure!


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  1. haha, yes mom will love the free bag…if u dun wan it sitting at home for the next 5 yrs(with the possibility of not being used), get it out before she sees it!

    Comment by Peiru — February 25, 2006 @ 2:51 am

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