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February 24, 2006

another little blessing

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Am in the mood of feeling thankful for everything in my life.

Well. not everything. But almost.

Other than my lunch khakis. I love my lovely friends! =)

Ha. I shall cut the crap of being politically correct by getting to my point straight.

Today. I received my UOB visa mini!!!!!!!!!!

U know, i just love visa minis. they are so tiny and cut. and my french friends were like wondering if the card is real!

Its so freaking cute can?


And. I feel blessed to have a bank like UOB. How can we not love UOB??

-Free spa (even if its only once!)

-Free ladies only gym/ lessons at amore
twice a month

-FREE California fitness twice a month

all these come with the ladies’ card.


Sneaky me signed up for the visa mini to have another TWO free entrees to california fitness!!!

hahaha. I am so happy for myself! (in fact, ming gave me the idea, cos i am not familiar with uob’s offers)

SO officially, i can go california like.. 4 times a month. and 2 times to amre. wah.. that sounds like a gym overload for a lazy bum like me!!

SO SO SO. TELL ME. how can we not love UOB?!?!

I am only one step short of dating UOB out for valentines! hahahaa.

Okok. end of my crap.

May I add to my french audience that, isnt it sad to have to pay for carte retraits, carte bleu etc. AND not have offers like this?

Bah, c’est dommage.=P

ici, les carte bleu ont gratuitement (au moins pour la premiere annee) et on a beaucoup des avantages qu’on peut profiter.

oh. j’ai oublie de vous dire que je m’a inscrie pour un cour francais. bonne chance a moi. (avant que je tout oublie) ha.


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