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February 23, 2006

Little blessings

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Well. I should not elaborate about work.

But what I am very very thankful for now is. I am working in Orchard!

Besides the chic environment. (for those who need more imagination of how chic the place is. Let’s just say that Prada is just 1 level above us)

I love my lunch khakis!!!!


Ok, my colleagues are a fun bunch to be with. Lewis, ek, vj, darryl, bs, jensen, huyen. fang of course.

with the occasional star appearance of sab, chloe n evin etc.

it is fun enough.

what is even better! is that my best friend is just working across the street!

that is chenwei of course.

and working at a stone’s throw, is lianshu. who has the honour of walking over for lunches. hahaha.

Also working close to lianshu, is justin. yup. who treated me to lunch. I will treat him back the next time!

Then, there is jo, who works 4 bus stops away. so nice! who takes the bus down for lunch=)

And. derek who takes MRT down for lunch. hahahaha. always nice to have lunch with a hunk!=P

Also, there was Bibi, but she is a rare guest star. cos she is back in the Orchard Road of Paris – Champs elysees.

My big cuzzie is supposed to eat with me too! she works near derek at Novena.

Laurent is around too.

OH. I am totally in love with my lunch khakis!

I would say. lunch is my favourite part of work!!! HAHAHAHA. oops.

P/S: anyone of u working in orchard that i am not aware? tag me ok? =)


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