The girl who laughed too much, too loud

February 17, 2006

Some updates

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back from a few days of hiatus.

I feel alittle too packed. so. today. i m going to relax for an hour or 2 after work. to do some beautifying stuff. (girls stuff lar, dun ask too much!)

and after go back to study. again.

heh. got too many things to study. Looking at my thick stack of notes. I know. I still have a long way to go. ALSO. i need practise too. Oh, yup people. I have officially started my training as a volunteer coach.

So for this week. Monday I did volunteer work. Tuesday is my driving lesson. Wednesay and thursday is my coach training. Today. well. got to go for a beautifying session. and after to work on my skills.

I have a French test next tuesday. and yes. that I have got to study on top of my coach notes!!! ARGH! tell me. how not to feel stressed.

but no. i shall take it one at a go. I still have time during the weekend.

The volunteer work on Monday is yes, inspiring. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Yes, including laughing at some senior’s english discreetly. I thought my english is bad. since i did not use it for more than 1 year.

but. OMG. nvm. i shall forgive the lousy english.

Being brought up in a very sheltered environment. I never had the chance to “see from the other side of the society”. it was amazing. I had no idea how certain issues. how certain regulations, decisions made by the government will affect the little citizens.

But in fact, they do. people do get affected a big big extent.

I think I was too emotional in my thinking process when i was there. I see, and I feel for the people. People with no savings, $800 household income, 2 infants, etc. with 400+ worth of debts. life must be very difficult.

somehow or another, i dun feel that i am even affected by the government’s decisions at all. I mean. even when schooling. streaming come. i just took it. the em1 crap, and the different streams in secondary schools. haiz. because it came too easily to me. I did not imagine what life will be like for people who failed their ITE courses..

yeah. I admit. I think too much. heh.

anw. I took AUTO car driving lessons. which means I can only drive automatic cars! oh, don’t scorn on me, you manual drivers. I am just looking for an easy way out. besides, who cares about the power and control? *flips hair wantonly*

hahaha.. OMG what a bimbo I am!

Meeting Jo n Xiaobai for dinner later, before my beautifying session!:P


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