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February 13, 2006

Going flower crazy

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Valentines day is tomorrow.

and even today, at lunch time, we saw people selling roses already! very early i would say.

I can sooo imagine the scene tomorrow.

Actually I had an idea of taking pictures, covering the v-day event. ahaha. well. but we shall see. because I have driving lessons tomorrow night.

YES people. I have finally taken out the step to learn driving. =) well. though I do not see the real need to have a driving license. But I think its always good to have, no?

Besides, I will need a driving license to drive my Madza MX-5, when someone is going to buy me a car. HAHAHAA…. oh well. dear readers, anyone feeling generous????=P


but no. a car is really too exp to maintain. but really. it improves the quality of life by a fair bit. I guess, I can do with a normal saloon car that consumes less fuel. I do not really need the power of the engine.

anw. as girls go flower crazy. someone wrote that, girls want flowers not because they like the flowers. It is more like, girls like the idea that the flowers represented. it means them feel special.

This I couldnt agree more! flowers are so important lor. well. I do not need a big expensive bouquet. A stalk or a small bouquet is enough to make my day i think.

my female colleagues n me were pressurizing poor hu yen to buy us flowers. hahaha. very evil hor.

should I also mention that I went for yoga lessons yesterday?

yes its my first time.


It was quite fun though, with daffy n chenwei.

Some positions are kinda difficult. but on the whole the experience was good.=)


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