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February 9, 2006

The great Gelatimisso Ice cream

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how i worship u.

a couple of years ago, when my dear frieny is working at this little ice cream parlour named Spring dear. I was hooked to it.

and til date. i have no urge for any other ice creams whatsoever.

so it kind of cured by craving. because I will only crave of Springdear’s ice cream.

PLUS because it is inconveniently located at Parkway. I end up eating alot less ice cream as a whole.

BUT today. i have suddenly found the courage to give another ice cream a try.

Gelatimisso’s delightful flavoured ice cream beckons me like a bee to honey. and Voila. i was on the hook.

I tried the Rocher flavour. It is like eating rochers in every mouthful of ice cream!! help! it feels so so good.

another flavour worth mentioning is the Lychee flavour. Mango flavour did not score as well.

in fact i secretly like Lychee more. but i have enough integrity to stop myself from finishing Lewi’s ice cream. haha.

Editor’s note:
I typed this straight after eating the ice cream. and now after typing the ice cream review. i think that.. Springdear still wins. Gelatimisso’s ice cream leaves an after-taste in your tongue, which is the same aftertaste when you have consumed overly-sweetened stuff. oh well. Springdear (now named Scoopz) is still the best! it just has to make lychee ice cream. ha.


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