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February 9, 2006

Spa review!

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Yup. before i forget and have lots of blog posts to catch up.

going out too much liao. so cant blog fast enough. thus the CNY posts only have pictures. heh. haven upload finish yet.

I like Amore alot. in fact.

Being a girlish person myself. I am in love with the girls only concept.

so if i were to choose between california fitness or amore. i will choose amore.

but oh well. i will still go to california lar. ha. cause its free! pragmatism rules!! yah. *throws confetti*

went to the amore spa with ming yesterday. in fact amore has stopped providing free spa for UOB ladies’ card holders. BUT sneaky me called n confused a poor amore receptionist into giving us an appointment.

so in the end, since the appointment was booked, they decided to offer it to us anyway. =) *smiles* Amore I love you! ha

Amore spa is truly like another world of its own. Its literally how I’ve imagined spas to look like! Note: This is my first time doing a spa.

The place is peaceful and quiet and very discreet. I feel very safe trotting around with only a towel or a wrap around robe. Dun we just love the ladies’ only concept? Ming (oh yah i went with ming) thought that the music was too soft.

The free services we are entitled to are the steambath n hydrotherapy treatments. which we spend some time hestitating and changing our minds. ha.

In the end Ming got a Thalasso Algae Bath, because she gian the bubbles (the lady promised alot of bubbles ha). I took the Rainforest Soak.

It was supposed to be deeply relaxing. And I was having difficulty keeping awake! must be too relaxing liao ha.

All in all, it was a nice experience. Fresh towels were given freely. and the robe as well.

I liked it alot. haiz. well. we will have to hope that UOB is able to strike the deal with amore again!:(

At the spa thing. I promised in front of ming that I will watch my diet.

BUT oh gracious me. I ate laksa for lunch. In my defense, it was my colleagues who wanted to go to the laksa eating place. I did not have a choice on what to eat no?

and.. erm.. the ice cream i just ate….

This will be the first n last time i promise! for at least the next 4months. heh.

I aim to be very very fat. I dun want to be obese, no more!!!!GRRRRRR


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  1. the spa is free for uob card holders? or with discounted rate? i miss the feeling doing spa…

    Comment by chenwei — February 10, 2006 @ 12:41 am

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