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February 7, 2006

Pitera and other stuff.

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Busy, but i will have blog these to get it off my chest.


Nowadays the skincare products boost miracles like speeding up our skin regeneration process.

well, we all know when we grow other, our skin regeneration period lengthen, and hence our skin looses its radiance and elasticity.

So. Here comes the products like SKII’s Facial Essence. For its Piteria content. And other products like spa treatments, to speed up and boost the skin cells regeneration process.

so saturday night, while discussing with my naggy friend. haha.

we were thinking. about skin regeneration. and if cells have a finite number of times it can regenerate itself.


So here are my findings.

Yes. cells divides and form new cells. this is the cell regeneration process.

and the old cell dies after some time. (hence we need scrubbing, scrubbing removes dead cells)

Cells have ‘memory’, called some tel..something. forgot liao. its found in the chromosome.

SO. if you are a descendent of a cell A. you will be able to know how many times u have regenerated.

Then number of times that cells can regenerate is finite.

So this leads me to wonder:
-If the number of times cells can regenerate is finite. the number has to be large. if not..
(this leads to my next question)
-what happens if the cell will stop regenerating?



Any ideas folks?

I am not too chim i hope. it is just some bimbotic knowledge quest of how to look good. haha.

But now. my focus is still on my pores! (as written earlier)

And yup guys! I’ve found my clinque pore minimiser. on chuyi!!! I am now using it together with the SKII sample skin refining lotion. hahahah.. this is going to be a good year!

Cheers to my pores! 😛


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