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February 28, 2006

some quick updates

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Last week was a blur. other than my french test, n lessons etc.

Thursday to sunday i am doing life coaching on a voluntary basis.

Having only 3-4 hours of sleep for continuously 4 days. yesterday i did sooo badly for driving that my instructor was pissed with me. I fell asleep while stopping at the traffic light! OMG.

got home. and sleep straight after driving.

feeling really energised this morning.

Completed alot of things. and still got more things to complete! GO GO GO Team Peihan united. HAHHAHAA.

This week will be coaching again. Thurs to Sunday again!

wow, i m impressed with myself. AND i have time to meet uncle tay on wednesday.

Having french today. yup. with means I have no free time left. Again.

oh well. I have time to meet my friends during lunch lor.

Also. feeling guilty of neglecting my mummy for last week and this week. SO. I jio-ed her for movie tomorrow. we are both taking leave!!:P

Actually I took leave to attend this Branding talk. oh well. paid for it. But guess I will have to miss it, cos mummy is the most important of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)



Some quiz

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You scored as Art. You should be an Art major! How bohemian!





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

blah. it is not v accurate I think.

Perhaps it doesnt include the other industries that I like.

February 24, 2006

French test

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Well. i want to clarify a thing.

the french test went well.

But not because I studied alot. I din manage to study as much as I want to, due to my schedule.

I studied, expecting the test to be the same type as the one in paris.

BUT no.

it wasnt. In fact it was freaking easy.

too easy. and i see people struggling away.

well. i dun think i even need to study for the test. but it is good to revise, to refresh.

anw. the teacher wanted to put me into the class with the highest level of french. BUT that class might be cancelled. cos there are only 2 other students in the class. cos not alot of pple here can reach that level. its expected, cos people here do not get to practise.

even in Alliance Francais, students speak english to each other. In paris, students speak paris. even though slow, but still in french. Why? u might ask. cos French is probably the only common language!!!! For that matter. I had a korean, a japanese, etc.. in my class. even a syrian. so. they do not speak english.

so we have not much choices:
1. remain silent and not talk to each other
2. Talk to ourselves/ to the walls in our native language.
3. Speak french to each other.

So. yup. thats why.

I will go for the advanced course on tuesday. and if it is cancelled, i will go for the intermediate one on friday.

Pragmatically speaking. I just want a cert from the ministry of education of france. U see. people here do not trust skills if there is no paper to back it up.


I want to increase my personal worth. ha. commerically speaking lar.


May I add that. the courses here are so cheap as compared to the ones i took in paris!

I cant believe it!

AND AND AND. They gave me a freebie. a welcome gift.

A very ugly Alliance Francais sling bag.

Whats e point, u ask. its so fugly that I will probably not use it.

BUT. well. a free gift is a free gift. And free is good. HAHHAA..

Mummy will like it, I am sure!

another little blessing

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Am in the mood of feeling thankful for everything in my life.

Well. not everything. But almost.

Other than my lunch khakis. I love my lovely friends! =)

Ha. I shall cut the crap of being politically correct by getting to my point straight.

Today. I received my UOB visa mini!!!!!!!!!!

U know, i just love visa minis. they are so tiny and cut. and my french friends were like wondering if the card is real!

Its so freaking cute can?


And. I feel blessed to have a bank like UOB. How can we not love UOB??

-Free spa (even if its only once!)

-Free ladies only gym/ lessons at amore
twice a month

-FREE California fitness twice a month

all these come with the ladies’ card.


Sneaky me signed up for the visa mini to have another TWO free entrees to california fitness!!!

hahaha. I am so happy for myself! (in fact, ming gave me the idea, cos i am not familiar with uob’s offers)

SO officially, i can go california like.. 4 times a month. and 2 times to amre. wah.. that sounds like a gym overload for a lazy bum like me!!

SO SO SO. TELL ME. how can we not love UOB?!?!

I am only one step short of dating UOB out for valentines! hahahaa.

Okok. end of my crap.

May I add to my french audience that, isnt it sad to have to pay for carte retraits, carte bleu etc. AND not have offers like this?

Bah, c’est dommage.=P

ici, les carte bleu ont gratuitement (au moins pour la premiere annee) et on a beaucoup des avantages qu’on peut profiter.

oh. j’ai oublie de vous dire que je m’a inscrie pour un cour francais. bonne chance a moi. (avant que je tout oublie) ha.

February 23, 2006

Royal treatment

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had lunch with Laurent, Derek n Jo.

and they escorted me back to work

HA. such nice friends I have.

Derek was commenting. Princess treatment. =)

I really do hope that they can come taiwan with me!!!

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