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January 23, 2006

CNY deco at NUSS

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there are some CNY deco already at NUSS. so angeline and me happily took pictures. ha

The happily engaged (though i think that ROM can be considered as married) couple=)

Why are there still chickens??? nevertheless i m happy enough, cos its my year. ha.


Ramen Ramen

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I liked this place. but its really secluded. i reckon, unaccessibled by public transport.

Its at some bukit timah place. and i think prob the most unique is the cheese in the soup of the ramen.

January 20, 2006

Last sat

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U see. I am slow at updating my blog. hence resulting in all these backdated posts!!



Last saturday, I met up with jl, aaron, luohan, feli, jw, max.

ha. basically 3 lovey dovey couples AND lonely me.


on the way to the NUSS, I saw the filming ‘yuan lai jiu shi ni’.
so fun. caught huang lu jiang, but not kym, cos she is kinda hidden, and I do not wish to boost her ego by going near to take her picture.

so the stage looks like this:

and here is bryan:

Nice and peaceful at the NUSS bar.

I loved the bar! or rather…. the snacks that comes with the drinks! they serve very unique thai flavoured stuff!=)

There is a BBQ buffet place outside. *makes a note to try it* its not v expensive too! at 20++. but u have got to pay thousands for the membership i guess..

January 18, 2006

The story of 3 socks

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One day i had to wear socks. so i looked for my socks.

and i managed to find 3. BUT. THREE different socks. NOT 3 pairs!

So in the end. i picked the 2 more similar ones. and wore them. Ha.

(but smart daffy spotted the diff)

we went to eat at MOS that day. (last friday)

and i just noticed that mos serves lettuce burger!! how can that be??!!??

So yup. i said i need retail therapy.

so here they are!

2 shoes. 2 dresses.

Gulps. guilty.

January 17, 2006


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Not a big fan of Epiphany. and not even sure what epiphany was (now i do!).

i happily won and became Queen of the Day:)

The Galette de Rois is proudly sponsored by france airlines. and for us. the one who got the little aeroplane becomes the King/Queen of the day.

AND gets a chance to win return ticket to France.

I just thought that I might win. but i did not tell anyone really.

See the results.

I was this close!!!

Yes i do miss Paris.

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