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January 24, 2006

Some class photos to remember..

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At Olio Dome with 2 rare guest stars.. Dylan and Joanne=)


January 23, 2006

Visit to the Gym

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so, one fine day last week. Daf and me, feeling fat and unfit. decided to go work out in the gym.

But as u know. free trial thingies always come with a catch. basically we were subjected to a certain amount of sales and marketing efforts to sign up for a package with the gym.

Several tactics were used. like… asking me about my fitness goals.

Hmm.. my fitness goals. i replied that i do not really have a goal.

and basically, after unsuccessful coaxing of the “fitness consultant”, I was subjected one of the most humiliating thing that ever occured to me.

A body fats test thing.

So after pinching wherever MY fats are with something like a clothes peg (but only 3-4 times bigger). The fitness instructor (or was he a personal trainer) proud of his own feat, announced the most amazing discovery that I am in fact…. OBESE.

Having 36% percent of fat in my body. I really felt like some big piece of lard walking around.

BUT that, did not manage to terrorise me into franatically joining some random Gold member package now, because the entry and processing fee is now waived for ladies and uob people get 70% discount, etc crap and other “you must join now NOW” reasons.

So finally after 2 people (fitness consultatn n personal trainer) failed to convince us. A very confident looking “senior” was unleashed upon us.

He explained to us about the packages and stuff like that.

but.. ha.. in the end. he gave up after this question:

Senior: So what are u looking at when you decide to come here?
Daffy: Something light.
Senior: har.. it sounds like you are looking for something to eat
(Which i think its a very very bad joke)
Daffy: Actually we are just here to ride the bicycle for some 40mins.

*a sian look on the senior’s face

then he started saying:
Senior: Hey you look like my friend
Me: *rolls eye* I’ve heard this 100 million times!

*the senior looks really disheartened liao.

but the thing is. I am telling the truth.

I have heard the phase so many times. Although it is a very very famous pickup line. but I sincerely believe everyone who told me that. cos really I do have a common face.

Like in university, there are already 2 girls who look like me. so ..

There must be many others.

anyway. the selling process was a failure. and we happily settled down on the bicycles, and rode away happily. while watching soundless ‘American Idol’. haha

and talking crap.


The gym is super professional. and jacky chan exercises here as well! the branch at orchard has 3 levels. and is super huge. I think there are 3-4 fitness classes at the same time, IN ADDITION to the gym.

There are alot of people full of muscles around, making me (us) feel out of place.

After which, we were super hungry and went to eat yoshinoya.


It was raining (whats new)

Happy and fit after the exercise! (and after shopping=P)

And of course!
Many thanks to GLS for driving us home=)

My first Yusheng for the year!

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Had yusheng lao-ing at the sun and moon restaurant. ( i love this restaurant by the way!)

What is left… after the lao-ing:

My yusheng:)

I give the presentation of the food a thumbs-up!

At last. Special mentions to.. MARK! A colleague who left, but came back to join us

waering berms, tshirt n slippers!!

My dream engagement reception place

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Having been in a couple of serious relationships.

I do have in mind an idea what my dream wedding will be like. ha, probably like many other girls!

Like my longest oldest friend said: ‘whats missing is the groom’.

And i so agree!

Anyway, so I met up with my oldest friend last tuesday. its her bd 2 days ago.

(oldest meaning, i know her for the longest period of time, not that she is old! I think we knew each other from 5-6 yrs old.)

So anyway, I brought her to see my dream wedding place. HA. how many times do i have to bring people there!!! (the same thing happened during uncle samuel’s bd soiree. the whole crowd went there too haha)

I warn you. Yes you. dun need to look around and act innocent.

DO NOT GET MARRIED/ENGAGED in this place before i do!!

*WUFF* I bite.

I only took pictures of the garden outside the super nice bar. where there are angels flying up and down the bar to get you your drink!

so nice!!! i love love love the concept.

What I like most about this place, is how harmonously it blends asian and european culture. in midst of its nice european scruptures, and architecture. there is a bronze crane statue, with chinese poetry written on it.

Oh. i cant wait to throw my engagement reception party there!!! (oh well, still got to find the groom)

Breakfast! the morning after

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Or rather, i think its lunch. but. well. with my parents!

101% singaporean food!

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